Who are we?

e-4motion was founded in 2007. With 12 years of knowledge and experience in aeronautical engineering, we began to focus on a mobility issue that sought compact, light and electric transportation.
Aircraft engineering knowledge comes in very handy in this regard, so the basis for e-4motion folding bikes was quickly established.
During further developments, we have always adhered to three pillars:

  • Convenience
  • Relaxation
  • Environment

Therefore, e-4motion’s electric folding bikes fully meet these pillars:

  1. The folding bikes are lightweight, very compact and equipped with a high-quality electric motor that provides electric support. This makes them very handy and multifunctional. Especially for the car, we even have a 14.5 kg model that can be charged at 12 volts, so that you always have a charged electric bike at hand; that is what we call pre-eminently flexible mobility of our time.
  2. Relaxation certainly offers this new form of mobility. Always ride with the feeling of the wind at your back. With a wide range, you will reach your destination sweaty, relaxed and without traffic jams or parking problems. The stress-free mode of transportation and exercise makes you feel fit and vital.
  3. We believe in treating the environment well without sacrificing comfort and convenience. E-4motion offers a new sustainable and socially responsible form of mobility. A product you can be seen with and be proud of, just like us.

And did you know that by purchasing an e-4motion you now also contribute to our solar park? With this, we are currently generating 100% green power for over 40 households. Our company is therefore completely carbon neutral!
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