Accessories - Bags

If you are an avid folding bike user, you understand the importance of a good bicycle bag for your folding bike. At e-4motion we have an extensive range of bicycle bags specifically designed to meet your needs, regardless of the type of folding bike you have. Whether you have an electric folding bike, a compact 20-inch model or are simply looking for a small but handy bicycle bag, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our panniers for folding bikes combine functionality, durability and style. Whether you want to transport your daily groceries, safely store your personal belongings while cycling or simply need a handy bag for your folding bike adventures, we have exactly what you are looking for. With smart designs and high-quality materials, our bicycle bags ensure that you can easily and safely take everything you need with you on your ride. Whether it’s a foldable bike bag for ultimate portability or a more spacious bag for longer tours, e-4motion has the perfect solution to enhance your cycling experience.