e-4motion on the boat

The electric folding bike type MINI from e-4motion is a powerful aid for your convenience. Why is the MINI such an ideal bike for boating? The MINI folds up very compactly so it can be stored in the bucket box. In addition, the MINI is also very manageable due to its unique low weight while being an electric folding bike. And of course, the MINI is made of high-quality aluminum with a very precious oxide color coating. In other words, good protection against rust. All in all, not for nothing an ideal nautical bike!

e-4motion in public transportation

The folding bike type MINI of e-4motion can be folded into a compact package for the train, bus or streetcar within 10 seconds. Very convenient if you want to catch the train quickly. The handy carrying bag makes the MINI very convenient to transport. You can also choose to attach the strap of your bag to the special suspension points on the bike. While cycling, you can simply leave this carrying strap on. The MINI’s light weight and compactness make this electric folding bike the ideal travel buddy. Not to mention that the electric assistance makes the ride to the train or your work, for example, very pleasant.

e-4motion on vacation

You also want the bikes with you on vacation to get fresh rolls from the bakery in the morning, right? Or enjoy going to the beach or to the city from the campsite without having to take the car right away? It can be done with the e-4motion MINI without using up valuable space, as is the case with large clunky bikes. We have the ideal solution, as the MINI can be stored somewhere in your caravan or motorhome with ease. No lack of space and yet the convenience of an electric bike. Complete your vacation with an e-4motion MINI!

e-4motion in the car

You also want to enjoy going to the city or the beach without having to search for a parking spot and pay parking fees. The e-4motion MINI is the ideal solution for this, because the MINI is very easy to transport in your car. Because the MINI folds very compactly, it takes up little space and you can carry several MINI folding bikes. Park your car outside the city and grab the MINI to continue your journey. Save money and avoid searching for a place for your car. The MINI, when walking is just too far.