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Universal fast charger for e-bike batteries with XLR connection plug.

Original ST Charger suitable for all lithium batteries.

Don’t risk it and watch out for imitation! This can cause damage to your battery or cause serious (fire) damage to the environment.

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Original ST Charger

The charger charges twice as fast as the basic battery charger

input: 220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz 180W

Output: 36V 4A

  • This charger has been extensively tested and has quality marks (EN 61000, IEC 60664, IEC 60335 EN 55014).
  • Automatically adapts to the input mains voltage (100-240 V).
  • Accurate over voltage protection to prevent the battery from being damaged by over voltage.
  • Charger with low output sound.
  • ‘Smart anti-reverse system’: to prevent the battery from being damaged by a poorer plug change (spark overflow) and it will continue to charge the battery automatically after the connector connection has been repaired.
  • Short circuit protection to prevent damage and unnecessary power loss caused by incorrect connection of the system. Charging will resume if connected properly.
  • Charging stops automatically if the battery is not charged after 8 hours.

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