E-4motion is a product which emerged in 2007. With 12 years of knowledge and experience in the aerospace, we've been focusing on a mobility issue which was sought to compact, light and electric transportation. Aerospace knowledge is thereby very useful and the basis for e-4motion folding bikes was quickly established.

During the further developments we have always held on three pillars:

  • ease
  • relaxation
  • environment

The electric folding bikes, e-4motion therefore comply fully with these pillars:

1. The folding bikes are lightweight, compact and with a high quality electric motor that provides support. This makes them very handy and versatile. Especially for the car we have even a model of 14.5 kg at 12 volts to charge, so you always have a charged electric bicycle at hand, that we call pre-eminently flexible mobility of our time.
2. Relax, this new form of mobility for sure. Always ride with the feel of the wind at your back. With a wide range and no sweat shirt you reach your destination, relaxed and no traffic or parking problems. The stress free way of transportation and exercise makes you feel fit and vital.
3. We believe in a good relationship with the environment without having to deliver comfort and convenience. E-4motion offers a new sustainable and socially responsible form of mobility. A product that you may be seen and like us can be proud of.

And did you know that you now also contribute to our solar park by purchasing an e-4motion? We are currently generating 100% green energy for more than 40 households. Our company is therefore completely CO2 neutral!