Model Maxi luxury

1,983.47 (2,400.00 inc tax)

This model is the luxury variant of our 'standard' Maxi Plus model. The biggest differences consist of: an extra low completely free entry, mid-engine, belt drive (from the Gates brand), disc brake and 8-speed hub gear. Furthermore, this model comes standard with anti-puncture tires and a storage cover. The LiPo battery is from the Samsung brand and has an extra Luxury finish for the gear system, mudguards, cabling and lighting. The support works with force sensors, so that the bicycle only provides support when you want it, and thus gives a very natural cycling feeling. You are always in full control of the bike. The belt and mid-engine are maintenance-free up to 20,000 km!

The bike comes with 8 gears in the hub of the Shimano nexus brand. There is an electronic control panel on the handlebars with which the assistance can be regulated in 5 different electrical supports and where, among other things, the speed, the power, the daily distance, the total distance ridden and the ridden time can be read.

The charger and battery are of course also part of the standard equipment of the bicycle and are therefore included as standard. We work with the latest battery technology of the Li-Polymer type (a light Li-ion variant). A 36 Volt 12.8 Ah Li-Po battery of the Samsung brand is included (this is more durable, more powerful and lighter than a standard Li-ion battery). Furthermore, the bicycle is also equipped with front suspension and seat post suspension in the basic equipment. For more technical information about the model itself, you can select the image to the left of this text (using the left mouse button).

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