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Quick charger Universal

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Original ST Charger

The charger charges twice as fast as the basic battery charger

input: 220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz 180W

Output: 36V 4A

  • This charger has been extensively tested and has quality marks (EN 61000, IEC 60664, IEC 60335 EN 55014).
  • Automatically adapts to the input mains voltage (100-240 V).
  • Accurate over voltage protection to prevent the battery from being damaged by over voltage.
  • Charger with low output sound.
  • 'Smart anti-reverse system': to prevent the battery from being damaged by a poorer plug change (spark overflow) and it will continue to charge the battery automatically after the connector connection has been repaired.
  • Short circuit protection to prevent damage and unnecessary power loss caused by incorrect connection of the system. Charging will resume if connected properly.
  • Charging stops automatically if the battery is not charged after 8 hours.